Visual Impact of Flying Late in the Day

by Bill ~ October 12th, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Flying in the late afternoon and/or early evening is some of the best time to fly for the “visual impact” of our picturesque countryside. The farmlands of the Delmarva Peninsula and the (lowering) sun reflecting in the distant waters of the Chesapeake Bay really “make” this photo.

Chesapeake sun reflection while flying Delmarva

Flying at 3,500 feet, headed south-southeast over the northern Delmarva Peninsula in my Ercoupe. Purpose of the flight was to return to my home field (OXB, Ocean City, MD) after PASSING MY FLIGHT REVIEW with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at Harford County Airport (0W3, near Havre de Grace, MD).

At this point in my flight the Chesapeake was about 30 miles off my right wing. I just had to fish the camera out of the flight bag and snap a couple of shots. I slid the window open on this one to eliminate “plexiglass glare” in the photo.

The cool looking horizon is because of a thin, but distinct haze layer at about 4500 feet. Other than that – the visibility was “severe clear.” Just goes to prove that if ya shoot enough pictures you occasionally end up with a good one.

And…here’s another picture taken a few minutes later…

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Silhouette

This distant shot shows the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in silhouette – caused by the sun reflections on the waters of the Bay. This was also from about 30 miles away – zoomed in a bit with the ol’ Nikon Point-n-shoot, cropped a bit and enhanced with “auto-levels” in PhotoShop Elements.

To give you an idea of the “scope” of this shot…the Chesapeake Bay bridge is 4.3 miles long, crossing the Bay in an east-west direction. The roadway on the western span, at the highest point, is 200 feet above the water. The eastern span is slightly lower, giving large ships 186 feet of clearance at high tide.

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