New solo pilot can teach us a lot…

by Bill ~ September 11th, 2012. Filed under: Flying Adventures, Flying Lessons, Flying Stories, Pictures.

Sometimes it is good to watch a new pilot perform the basics of landing. Even though this is not an Ercoupe, I was sharing the landing pattern awith this Cessna pilot as his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) was getting him ready for his first “solo” flight. When I saw what was happening I landed and put my Eroupe back in its hangar – so I would not be a distraction¬†as the new pilot was getting his solo wings. The following are photos of his second (of three) landings. Note that this was on the evening of 9/11/2012 – a very fitting evening for us to exercise our freedom to fly.

On short final approach…

Short Final at Ocean City Municipal Ariport

The new pilot has his Cessna on “short final” during the approach phase of landing.

Over the threshhold of the runway…

Over the threshhold

The pilot is now almost home – he is over the end of the runway.

The flare…

The Flare before landing

The Flare is where the vertical decent is halted and the airplane is ready to gently land on the runway.


Touchdown at OXB

The pilot performs a perfect landing at Ocean City Municipal Airport.

Congratulations to both the (new) solo pilot and to his Instructor – for a job well done.

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