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Ercoupe Owners Club members meet for lunch

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Well, at least three members of the Ercoupe Owners Club had a lunch fly-in at Kay’s Restaurant at the Cambridge, Maryland Airport (CGE). Sooo…why the picture of the crabcake (with fries and slaw) in an airplane post? One of the reasons for gatherings such as this is to share lunch along with the “Ercoupe camaraderie” coalesced by owing a […]

New solo pilot can teach us a lot…

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Sometimes it is good to watch a new pilot perform the basics of landing. Even though this is not an Ercoupe, I was sharing the landing pattern awith this Cessna pilot as his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) was getting him ready for his first “solo” flight. When I saw what was happening I landed and […]

One Final Check-Ride Is Inevitable

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I just saw this posted on the Ercoupe Owners Forum and thought I would share it with my “older” pilot friends. Reminds me a bit of what is (now) my favorite TV commercial – a drug company ad where an older guy is on a motorcycle and ends up riding fast on what, looks like […]