Ercoupe Owners Club members meet for lunch

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Crabcake at Kay's Restaurant at the Cambridge AirportWell, at least three members of the Ercoupe Owners Club had a lunch fly-in at Kay’s Restaurant at the Cambridge, Maryland Airport (CGE). Sooo…why the picture of the crabcake (with fries and slaw) in an airplane post? One of the reasons for gatherings such as this is to share lunch along with the “Ercoupe camaraderie” coalesced by owing a unique antique aircraft.

There is [very] little activity in the local district of the Ercoupe Owners Club so a few of us are determined to use our aircraft to meet up with other like-minded pilots. It is, indeed, interesting and FUN to see differing examples of one of the most advanced general aviation airplanes ever developed (Disclaimer: for it’s time period, 1938-1946, anyway).

The day was sunny and cool, as forecast, but the winds were about double the forecast – 10G16 –  and [of course] not right down the runway. But our little planes handled the crosswind with aplomb – as they were designed to do. 🙂

Three Ercoupes at CGE Cambridge Airport

One Ercoupe can attract attention on an airport ramp. This day, with three Ercoupes all parked together, was no exception. Nearly every other pilot (and passenger) had to stop by to take a look. Of course, we are always happy to talk about and “show off” our airplanes – but we also had to eat – and, unfortunately, couldn’t talk with everyone.

It was a pleasure to meet John and Kelly who are from the Easton, MD area and Mac who is from Lewes, Delaware (but keeps his plane at Potomac Airport near DC).

Kelly Mac John

Kelly, Mac and John (l to r)

John Kelly Ercoupe

John’s and Kelly’s Ercoupe

Mac Ercpouipe at Cambridge

Mac’s ‘Coupe on the Ramp at Cambridge Airport

After lunch and good conversation we did a bit of sightseeing. We flew (in trail, not formation) along the Choptank River from Cambridge upstream to Denton, MD. At that point we each headed for the hangar at our respective airports. It was a great day to fly despite the bumps and the haze. But what really made the day was meeting new people and developing friendships with other folks having the same interest in flying an Ercoupe as do I.

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