LSA Ercoupe For Sale – SOLD

by Bill ~ July 30th, 2013. Filed under: Buying an Ercoupe, Ercoupe General, Maintenance, Pictures.

Ercoupe Nose Cowling

415-C, Serial number 2992, first flight on August 16, 1946 (log books are complete back to the initial test flight). Total time airframe: 2865. Engine time SMOH: 860. Compressions of 74, 72, 78 76 at last annual.

A recent change in lifestyle has just convinced me to put my ‘Coupe on the market. The airplane is a 1946 415-C Ercoupe, is Light Sport eligible and has the 1320# Gross Weight STC installed. The Weight & Balance Sheet lists current weight at 886.1 lbs, leaving a useful load of 433.9 lbs. There are several photos here at (Note: this was originally posted in April, 2013 but updated on 07/30/13. I didn’t “officially” put it on the market until it had a new annual. The July Annual was completed with the two latest ADs performed and the landing gear rebuilt – including new tires and “donuts” at a total cost of $3186)

– Ercoupe Photos from 4/21/2013: Ercoupe For Sale – CLICK
Wing Recovering Pictures from 5/2011: Ercoupe Wings – CLICK

Price: $ SOLD

Note: The photos include exterior, interior, engine, panel, prop (overhauled in 2009) and the “Bruce” Covers (cockpit/cowling is in OK shape, wing covers are brand new/unused).

The engine is a 75 HP Continental (C-75-12). Some folks search for a ‘Coupe with an 85. I won’t go into all the differences but will suggest you do some research about what those differences may be. From my basic understanding, the 85 uses the same block as the 75, has a larger carburetor jet and is “allowed” to turn faster. It must use a shorter, slightly less efficient propeller. End result should be a slightly better climb, slightly better cruise and a slightly higher fuel burn. (Fred Weick, designer of the original Ercoupe was said to have been a “propeller genius.” He later went on to work for William Piper and helped design the original Piper Cherokee.)

Wings were recovered in May of 2011 (by a true old-time professional) and have never been outdoors other than while flying and since I moved it to Harford County, MD (0W3) for Annual. Both aileron control horns were replaced with new ones from Univair while the wings were off for recovering. (One horn was cracked – there is a known problem with these going bad so I had them both replaced.) May annual, which this year took until July to finish (waiting on parts for the latest AD). Upgrades include 1320# STC, Tanis heater (which is wonderful for winter flying in the mid-Atlantic), Cleveland brakes, spin-on oil filter, auto gas STC (I have never used auto gas). Nice paint – new on wings (of course) and nose bowl, which is also new. Airtex interior (about 10 years old).

Ercoupe departing from Runway 19 at 0W3, Harford Count Airport

Asking price = $ SOLD


Contact Bill [at] Orioles [dot] org or via “comment” on this posting.

Ercoupe 415-C - Light Sport - For Sale


22 Responses to LSA Ercoupe For Sale – SOLD

  1. Kevin Dwyer

    Have you sold your Ercoupe? I’m in the market. Is it LSA certified?
    Thank You

  2. Bill

    Yes, it is a true, original “C” model that was never converted to anything else. It meets the requirement for Light Sport Aircraft and I had the “1320# Gross Weight STC” done the year after I purchased it.

    It is still for sale (as of the time of this post). I have not yet “marketed” it by posting on or officially listing it on the Ercoupe Forum (where I have been a member for nearly five years). However I have have conversations with three people over the last two weeks, one as recently as yesterday.

  3. Kevin Dwyer

    Bill, sorry I have not touched base w you sooner, lost track of this website. I’ve been scouring Barnstormers for a nice Ercoupe (LSA) that has been taken care of and is reasonably priced. Could you please let me know if yours is still available and the price tag? Thanks for responding.

  4. Kevin Dwyer

    Still have Ercoupe? What is it priced at?

  5. Bill

    (Note: this is an edit of my response from May 23rd).
    Yes I do. I had a tentative partnership offer that did not come to fruition. I really need to move on to another chapter in my life, so the plane is still for sale. It is in the maintenance hangar/shop for Annual Inspection right now (June 25th) and will hopefully be back in the air in early July.

  6. Kevin Dwyer

    If Ercoupe is still available, could you please let me know. Sorry I had not looked at this message since you told me you had a sale pending. Was not aware that the situation had changed.

  7. Martin McIntire

    Bill is the ercoupe for sale and where are you located?

  8. Bill

    Yes, still for sale. Haven’t put in on Barnstormers yet. May do that tomorrow or Wednesday. The ‘Coupe is currently at my “old” airport (Annual was done at Harford Air) 0W3, Harford County Ariport, Churchville, MD.

  9. Tom

    Could you tell me what the useful load is with the 1320 upgrade? Thanks!

  10. Bill

    Good question, Tom. I applogize for not including that in my original write-up. The W&B Sheet, calculated as part of the STC on 05/24/2010, shows an Empty Weight of 886.1 pounds and a useful load of 433.9 pounds. Most ‘Coupes seem to come in (unless numbers have been “stretched”) at just under 900 pounds. Some more – some less. So this one falls in the “just about right – to be believable” category.

  11. Bahnsen

    Interested in Buying

    Will pay nearest A&P to make inspection and if we agree on price to take wings off for shipping of AC to Washington State

  12. Bill

    The “nearest” A&P is also an IA and is the owner of the FBO at Harford County Airport (oW3). You could call Harford Air to get the name of another A&P or ask the mechanics there about the plane – they just finished the Annual.

  13. Rich Chesser

    Still for sale?
    Live in SC. Might come take a look

    rich chesser

  14. Bill

    Thank you for asking, Rich. There are some folks coming to see it this weekend but, as of now, it is still for sale.

  15. Dale Blank

    Would you consider a classic car trade???

  16. Bill

    Classic Car? No, thank you. Interesting – but that would likely become another hobby for which I would not take the time to really enjoy.

  17. Paul Gilman

    I really appreciate the amount of information on your website. My partner and I are looking for an Ercoupe LSA suitable to give flight training..Yours is very tempting..we are in Northern California and MD is a good distance in an ercoupe..or my partners 1946 Aeronca Chief. We are still looking so we will keep your plane in mind..and wish you good luck in finding it a suitable new home. Paul Gilman EAA157 Treasurer

  18. Guy

    I never saw a price ?

  19. Bill

    Pricing was here and on the Barnstormers display ad but has since been removed.

  20. Keith Momberg

    Is your airplane still available. Rearching for my father who is seriously looking for a LSA qualified Ercoupe. Can you advise if still for sale, asking price and location…I believe I saw it was in MD.

  21. Bill

    Sorry, it has been sold and delivered.

  22. Helen

    My dad and I have a ’47 Ercoupe 415-CD for sale in Ontario Canada if anyone is interested.

    Hope you all enjoy sunny skies.

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